As a Trainee Manager, we are ready to offer you an additional 11% increase over the Area Manager’s rate. This role requires serious commitment and thus is rewarded accordingly.

Being employed at this level will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself through training and first-hand experience for upcoming challenges throughout your new career. You would be offered the opportunity to sit for the CTS course, MDP1 course (Management Development Programme 1) and the FSQ course (Food Safety and Quality course). Once traineeship is successfully completed, a management role awaits.

Being a point of entry into the world of employment within the McDonald’s sphere, you will need to be a fast learner who is quick to adapt in a dynamic environment while actively engaging with a team committed to high standards. If you think you can rise to the challenge, this is the job for you. Do you have what it takes?

Trainee Managers may have future job possibilities with Premier Capital and Hili Ventures. Being part of the team, you will benefit from incentives and bonuses depending on your performance. Other perks include social events as well as transport after working late shifts, should it be required and of course a free meal on every shift.


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