With this promotion, your previous salary will increase by a further 20%. Becoming a Store Manager brightens your future.

Proficiency in managing the systems used in any of the McDonald’s restaurants is required. To help support your personal development, you will be attending the RLP training course (Restaurant Leadership Practices).

You will be the person in charge of people and their progression. You are expected to excel in the Quality, Service and Cleanliness of the product and the restaurant in general. If you think you can truly lead a team, monitor profit and provide sales planning and budgeting, then this is the job for you. Your fastest route to your next step requires a minimum of 9 months. Do you have what it takes?

As a Restaurant Manager you will benefit from training opportunities and future job possibilities with Premier Capital and Hili Ventures. You may also participate in International Managerial Conferences and Team events. You will also benefit from management incentives and bonuses and if needed, transport after closing shifts.


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