As you advance to the higher management positions within the store, your salary is substantially increased; by 21% over that of an Area Manager and 9% over that of a Trainee Manager.

At this level, you will attend the SMC (Shift Management course), which will enable you to master the skill of how to run shifts.

As a Second Assistant, you will be required to organise shifts and take care of other duties such as ordering, scheduling, payroll, training and other daily duties. If you think you can assist in the operations and control of the restaurant while contributing with insights for future projections and forecasting, then this is the job for you. Your fastest route to getting promoted requires a minimum of 9 months. Do you have what it takes?

Apart from coaching an enthusiastic team, as Second Assistant you will benefit from training and future job possibilities with Premier Capital and Hili Ventures. You will also benefit from management incentives and bonuses and if needed, transport after closing shifts.


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