Moving from Second to First Assistant gives you a 17% increase on your salary. This is a great step forward.

To move up from Second to First Assistant you will need to successfully complete the EMP (Effective Management Programme) and gain certification in the five main systems used in all McDonald’s restaurant. These systems are: Scheduling, Training, Ordering, Production and Planned Daily Maintenance.

Your proficiency is your strong point. Due to your increased insight and eye for detail, you will work closely with the Restaurant Manager and take on their position when the need arises. If you think you can run the show, this is the job for you. Your fastest route to getting promoted requires a minimum of 9 months. Do you have what it takes?

As First Assistant you will benefit from training opportunities and future job possibilities with Premier Capital and Hili Ventures. One may also participate in International Managerial Conferences and Team events. You will also benefit from management incentives and bonuses and if needed, transport after closing shifts.


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